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Cafe at The Lobby



Truly Great Breakfast

Cafe at the Lobby is now serving breakfast. From traditional breakfast selection to universal options that can please and satisfy all cravings. 

Enjoy our breakfast selections Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 11:30am. 

Handcrafted Coffee 


Cafe at the Lobby proudly brews 1000 faces coffee. 

From handcrafted specialty coffees to seasonal drinks and teas, there is something to delight all of our guests. 

New seasonal drinks are in the works. Check back soon to see what we will serve up next! 

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Why Local Matters 


Supporting local is more than just a phrase.


It is a lifestyle.


By dining with us, you support our local business proudly serving the city of Winder and Barrow County. 

From the minute you walk in, our baristas greet you with a warm good morning. We are here to be the best morning for each day, visit us today! 

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